38th Annual Meeting of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Geneva, Switzerland

01.04.2012 - 04.04.2012
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Monday, April 02, 2012, 17:30 - 19:00

Strategies to support newly qualified nurses on a stem cell transplant unit

Elizabeth Eves, Caroline Kay (Sutton, GB)

Newly qualified nurses are a unique group of staff who have very specific learning needs. Historically the transplant unit at the Royal Marsden has not recruited newly qualified nurses as it was unable to provide them with sufficient academic and practical support
To adhere to the required Jacie standards for the training of nurses and to enable newly qualified nurses to be recruited onto the transplant unit, a new learning programme, addressing both their academic and practical needs, was developed.
Upon joining the Trust these nurses are supplied with a staff handbook, and receive an orientation day carried out by a senior nurse.
All new nurses are allocated a dedicated mentor for individualised support throughout a 4 week supernumery period. During this period their specific mentor will work at least 90% of the time with them, the other 10% covered by another qualified mentor. On completion of this period, new nurses are given a ‘buddy’ for each shift to ensure that they have a defined source of support.
To address their academic needs all newly qualified nurses are offered a dedicated 12 month training programme consisting of study days and a route learning map covering subjects such as nutrition, symptom management and oncological emergencies. The unit has also developed a specific haemato-oncology route learning map which enables them, with the support of their mentor, to take responsibility for gaining knowledge of an aspect of transplantation such as high dose chemotherapy, types of transplants and GVHD. To enable them to gain further specialized knowledge they attend 3 haemato-oncology compulsory study days per year with other staff from the unit..
The unit has a clinical educator who dedicates at least 70% of her time working clinically. She works closely with the newly qualified nurses using a set of newly developed learning plans to stage their learning thereby preventing ‘information overload’. Throughout the learning period the clinical educator meets regularly with the mentor and the learner to offer support and guidance.
We aim to continue this programme and act on any feedback we receive, whether positive or negative to enable us to provide the optimum support to the newly qualified nurses working on the transplant unit.