22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

31.03.2012 - 03.04.2012
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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08:45 State-of-the-art management of infections following solid organ transplantation (Educational Workshop 1)
08:45 Optimising treatment based on a pharmacodynamic approach: an interactive workshop using clinical cases (Educational Workshop 2)
08:45 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing with EUCAST breakpoints and methods (Educational Workshop 3)
08:45 Practical approach to diagnose mixed anaerobic infections in "real time" (Educational Workshop 4)
08:45 Update on viral hepatitis (Educational Workshop 5)
08:45 Last frontier on infections in critically ill patients (Educational Workshop 6)
08:45 Making sense out of molecular typing data in 2012: current gold standards and interpretation (Educational Workshop 7)
08:45 Intestinal flora and Helicobacter infection (Educational Workshop 8)
08:45 Infection on the menu: food- and water-borne hazards for the immunocompromised patient (Educational Workshop 9)
08:45 Parasitic infection in pregnancy (Educational Workshop 10)
11:00 Common statements in the literature regarding invasive fungal diseases - truth or cliché (Educational Workshop 11)
11:00 Colistin use in clinical practice (Educational Workshop 12)
11:00 Hot topics in infection control (Educational Workshop 13)
11:00 Pathogenesis and treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) (Educational Workshop 14)
11:00 Febrile neutropenia - past, present and future (Educational Workshop 15)
11:00 Improving the quality of investigator-initiated studies in infectious diseases (Educational Workshop 16)
11:00 From laboratory to clinic: diagnosis and management of infections due to intracellular and fastidious bacteria (Educational Workshop 17)
11:00 The basis of tuberculosis diagnosis and management of cases (Educational Workshop 18)
11:00 New developments in molecular diagnostics for intestinal parasites (Educational Workshop 19)
13:30 A time for trainees to share their knowledge under the supervision of seniors (TAE Trainees Day)
13:30 Biocides and nosocomial pathogens (Official Symposium)
13:30 Antimicrobial resistance in the 21st century; the Gram-negative Enterobacteriaceae strike back! (Official Symposium)
13:30 A new dawn for natural product antimicrobial drug discovery? (Official Symposium)
13:30 Influence of directly acting antivirals on current treatment regimens for hepatitis C (Official Symposium)
13:30 Clinical challenges in community-acquired pneumonia (Official Symposium)
13:30 Myocarditis and infection (Official Symposium)
13:30 Clinical and therapeutic developments in fungal infection (Oral session)
13:30 Infection control measures to contain multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (Oral session)
13:30 Antimicrobial stewardship: optimising management of infections in the hospital (MSD Symposium)
13:30 Microbial identification for the 21st century - and beyond (Bruker Daltonik Symposium)

15:30 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing - EUCAST and beyond (Postersession)
15:30 Community-acquired infections (Postersession)
15:30 Community-acquired respiratory tract infections (Postersession)
15:30 Fungal infections: from sensitive diagnosis to rapid species identification (Postersession)
15:30 Invasive bacterial infections: diagnosis and clinical presentation (Postersession)
15:30 Epidemiology, risk factors and clinical presentation of fungal infections (Postersession)
15:30 Lab news: from diagnosis, in vitro activity, pathomechanisms to antifungal resistance (Postersession)
15:30 Treatment strategies and economic aspects in invasive fungal infections (Postersession)
15:30 Molecular virology (Postersession)
15:30 Virology - diagnosis, epidemiology, prophylaxis and therapy (Postersession)
15:30 Virology - non-HIV/non-hepatitis (Postersession)
15:30 Bacterial and viral respiratory infections in the paediatric population (Postersession)
15:30 Gastrointestinal tract infection in children (Postersession)
15:30 Serological diagnosis of infections (Postersession)
15:30 STD and other infections in women (Postersession)
15:30 Vaccines (Postersession)

16:30 Surveillance of resistance in Europe (Official Symposium)
16:30 Update in drug development (Official Symposium)
16:30 Rickettsial diseases: from biology to clinic (Official Symposium)
16:30 The EHEC O104 outbreak in Europe (Official Symposium)
16:30 Critical time points in the course of antibiotic treatment (Official Symposium)
16:30 Vaccines for bacterial infections (Oral session)
16:30 Community-acquired infections: sepsis, pneumonia and endocarditis (Oral session)
16:30 Molecular virology (Oral session)
16:30 Mucormycosis comes of age (Gilead Symposium)
16:30 Positive thinking now: infection management in practice (Novartis Symposium)