22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

31.03.2012 - 03.04.2012
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

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07:45 Treatment of community-acquired pneumonia (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 EUCAST: frequently asked questions (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Facilitating antimicrobial drug development: opportunities through the US NIH/NIAID and the EU research programmes (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Diagnosis of carbapenemase producers in Enterobacteriaceae (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Travel medicine - where is it going? (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Vaccine recommendations in immunocompromised patients (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Chronic respiratory fungal disease (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Cost-efficient diagnosis of tuberculosis: culture, molecular techniques and immunological markers (Meet-the-Expert)
09:00 Adaptation of P. aeruginosa to acute and chronic infections (Official Symposium)
09:00 Challenges in osteoarticular infections (Official Symposium)
09:00 Resistance to anti-Gram-positive agents in Europe (Official Symposium)
09:00 Diagnosing fungal diseases: future perspectives (Official Symposium)
09:00 Sequencing viruses - what can it tell us (Official Symposium)
09:00 Tuberculosis; epidemiology, diagnosis and management (Oral session)
09:00 Appropriate management of CA-RTIs- applying consensus principles for antibiotic therapy (GSK Symposium)
09:00 Prevenar 13, the new generation (Pfizer Symposium)
09:00 Trichomonas vaginalis - no longer a minor STD (Gen-Probe Symposium)
09:00 Of money and bugs: the impact of recession on infectious diseases (Official Symposium)
11:30 Efflux and resistance - from basics to clinics (Keynote Lecture)
11:30 Adaptation of bacteria from the environmental lifestyle to the lifestyle in chronic infections (Keynote Lecture)
11:30 Nobel Laureate 2011 Keynote Lecture
Phylogenetic perspectives in innate immunity
(Keynote Lecture)
11:30 Risk-based algorithms for antifungal use in ICU (Official Symposium)
11:30 Human papillomaviruses: recent advances (Official Symposium)
11:30 Is it important who you are when you get an infectious disease? (Official Symposium)
11:30 Epidemiology of MRSA in various European countries (Oral Session)
11:30 Pathogenesis of viral infections (Oral Session)
11:30 Novel methods to diagnose infections (Oral session)
11:30 Monitoring antibiotic prescriptions in primary care: what world do we discover? (Oral session)

12:30 Antibiotic use and antibiotic stewardship (Postersession)
12:30 Bacterial fitness and antibiotic resistance of Gram-negative bacteria (Postersession)
12:30 Emergence of bacterial resistance in humans, animals and the environment (Postersession)
12:30 Environmental control and health-care-associated infections (Postersession)
12:30 Clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infections - general (Postersession)
12:30 Clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infections - Gram-positive infections (Postersession)
12:30 Clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infections - Gram-negative infections (Postersession)
12:30 International and national resistance surveillance data (Postersession)
12:30 Highlights of the molecular bases of antimicrobial resistance in Enterobacteriaceae (Postersession)
12:30 Epidemiology and molecular antimicrobial resistance of Acinetobacter sp. (Postersession)
12:30 Epidemiology and molecular resistance of Staphylococcus sp. and Enterococcus sp. (Postersession)
12:30 Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance (Postersession)
12:30 Epidemiology of MRSA, VRE and other Gram-positives (Postersession)
12:30 Genetics of antimicrobial resistance (Postersession)
12:30 Diagnosis and follow-up of syphilis (Postersession)
12:30 Diagnosis and prevention of device-associated infection (Postersession)

13:30 Molecular bacteriology: into the deep (Postersession)
13:30 Molecular diagnosis of bacterial infections (Postersession)
13:30 Molecular epidemiology of bacterial infections (Postersession)
13:30 Good to know: drug potency, purity, prescribing, errors and toxicity (Postersession)
13:30 New antibacterial agents under investigation (Postersession)
13:30 New antimicrobial agents against old and new protein targets (Postersession)
13:30 Tigecycline activity and resistance (Postersession)
13:30 Novel approaches in antimicrobial susceptibility testing (Postersession)
13:30 Novel methods for bacterial indentification and molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance - non-commercial methods (Postersession)
13:30 Resistance surveillance in defined clinical situations (Postersession)
13:30 Streptococcus pneumoniae - seroprevalence and antimicrobial resistance (Postersession)
13:30 Urinary tract infections (Postersession)
13:30 Tropical medicine (Postersession)
13:30 Pharmacodynamic analyses and antibiotic combinations: S.aureus, MDR-Klebsiella and others (Postersession)
13:30 New pharmacokinetic data (Postersession)

14:30 Cell wall targets and antibiotic winners and losers - an ecological dilemma (Keynote Lecture)
14:30 ESCMID Excellence Award lecture (Keynote Lecture)
14:30 Challenges in developing vaccines against malaria, HIV and HCV (Keynote Lecture)
14:30 Automated antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems; blessing or curse? - PRO/CON debate (Official Symposium)
14:30 The year in infectious diseases (Official Symposium)
14:30 Patient participation and empowerment in infection control - PRO/CON debate (Official Symposium)
14:30 Optimised pharmacotherapy for nosocomial and healthcare-associated infection (Oral session)
14:30 Antimicrobial resistance in the environment (Oral session)
14:30 Considering pharmacodynamic effects in antifungal treatment strategies (Oral session)
14:30 ICU infections (oral session)
16:00 Reemergence of gonococcal infections (Official Symposium)
16:00 Non-mammalian models of infection (Official Symposium)
16:00 Genetic predisposition to fungal infection (Official Symposium)
16:00 Infection control beyond the hospital: do perspectives change? (Official Symposium)
16:00 Highlights of parasitic disease research (Oral session)
16:00 Antibiotic resistance in bloodstream and tissue infections (Oral Session)
16:00 New perspectives on otitis media: implications of a multi‐pathogen environment (GSK Symposium)
16:00 Smart Bugs: the MRSA nosocomial infection challenge with a focus on complicated skin and soft-tissue infection and nosocomial pneumonia (Pfizer Symposium)
16:00 Breaking the cycle of recurrent C. difficile infections (Astellas Pharma EU Symposium)
16:00 Bacterial pneumonia and emerging antibiotic resistance (Curetis Symposium)