22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

31.03.2012 - 03.04.2012
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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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07:45 Best indicators for measuring the success of hand hygiene promotion (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Understanding parasite serology (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 CMV infection in critically ill patients (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Infectious complications of new biologic therapies (Meet-the-Expert)
07:45 Fungal taxonomy for the clinician in 2012 (Meet-the-Expert)
09:00 Clinical Grand Round (Official Symposium)
09:00 Controversies in infection control of multidrug-resistant organisms (Official Symposium)
09:00 The epidemiology and clinical relevance of Clostridium difficile in specific populations (Official Symposium)
09:00 MALDI-TOF; what is new? (Official Symposium)
09:00 ISF symposium and presentation of the International Sepsis Forum Award
What's new in sepsis?
(Official Symposium)
09:00 Understanding pathogenesis and epidemiology by genomics and proteomics (Oral session)
09:00 HIV infection (Oral session)
09:00 Weighing the evidence: a new standard in rapid broad microbial identification (Abbott Symposium)
09:00 Recent advances towards comprehensive prevention of meningococcal disease (Novartis Symposium)
09:00 Diagnostic management of hepatitis B: a new role for HBsAg assay (DiaSorin Symposium)
11:30 ESCMID Young Investigator Award lectures (Keynote Lecture)
11:30 CMV disease and prevention (Keynote Lecture)
11:30 Quorum sensing and quorum sensing inhibitors (Official Symposium)
11:30 Common European curricula and assessment: just a dream? (Official Symposium)
11:30 Does modelling help to predict outbreaks? - PRO/CON debate (Official Symposium)
11:30 Chagas disease 2012: now getting global (Official Symposium)
11:30 Developing new antituberculous drugs (Official Symposium)
11:30 Hepatitis (Oral Session)
11:30 Prevention and therapy of MRSA infection (oral session)

12:30 AIDS and HIV infection (Postersession)
12:30 Bacterial pathogenesis: from intracellular bacteria to biofilm (Postersession)
12:30 Pathogenesis of Gram-positive bacteria (Postersession)
12:30 Pathogenesis of Gram-negative bacteria (Postersession)
12:30 Biomarkers of inflammation (Postersession)
12:30 Clinical experience with antibiotics (Postersession)
12:30 Clostridium difficile (Postersession)
12:30 Clostridium difficile - diagnosis, pathogenesis and epidemiology (Postersession)
12:30 Clostridium difficile - diagnostics and therapy (Postersession)
12:30 Hepatitis (Postersession)
12:30 Improving the detection of beta-lactamases (Postersession)
12:30 MALDI-TOF in the bacteriology lab (Postersession)
12:30 MRSA - detection and prevention (Postersession)
12:30 Controlling S.aureus infections in hospitals (Postersession)
12:30 New aspects of toxoplasmosis, Chagas, malaria and leishmaniasis (Postersession)

13:30 Flu, mutations and transmission: to publish or not to publish? (Official Symposium)
13:30 Cost efficiency of molecular techniques (Official Symposium)
13:30 Preparing for infectious diseases at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Official Symposium)
13:30 Clinical parasitology in western hospitals: the essentials (Official Symposium)
13:30 Hot topics in retrovirology (Official Symposium)
13:30 Bloodstream infection - epidemiology and management (Official Symposium)
13:30 KPC beta-lactamases (Oral session)
13:30 Bacterial pathogenesis: what is new (from virulence factors to biofilm)? (Oral session)
13:30 Old and new strategies targeting healthcare associated infections: where do we stand? (Oral session)
13:30 Finding better strategies to use antibiotics (Oral session)
13:30 Clostridium difficile infection (Oral session)